About Physio Studio:

Physio Studio (Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation) is well equipped with latest equipments working on various sub specialties of physiotherapy. We have qualified, experienced and well trained team of physio and occupational therapist for providing OPD Services and IPD Services with treatment procedure of international standards to offer a multifaceted approach to the patients rehabilitation.

Equipments & Modalities:

Our Electrotherapy is used by physiotherapists to provide pain relief, and promote healing for problems of the bone and /or muscle. The main methods of electrotherapy used at the Physio Studio Clinic to compliment our manual approach are as follows.


These high frequency sound waves are used to treat injuries to muscles, tendons and soft tissues. The sound waves pass through the skin causing the tissues in the affected area to vibrate. This helps to improve blood flow to the injured site and increase the breakdown of scar tissue, helping to decrease pain and encourage the healing process.

TENS (Trans Cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation):

This is a very safe method of electrotherapy which we use in the clinic. It provides pain relief by blocking nerve signals carrying pain messages to the brain. TENS also stimulates the production of endorphins – our natural pain relieving hormones.

Interferential Therapy:

This involves the passing of two currents through the tissues. Where the currents intersect, a new current is set up. These currents can activate the pain gate mechanism to help relieve pain, or can work directly on nerve fibres causing endorphin release. If you are suffering from severe pain we may use this type of electrotherapy to be able to achieve the maximum benefits from our manual therapy. These currents can also cause muscle contraction which in turn will cause a local increase in fluid flow and exchange.

Soft Tissue ManipulationTechniques:

At Physio studio we use these techniques to mobilize tissue. In particular, we use passive stretching of contractile tissues and my of ascial release.

All of the above techniques help with the following:

1.In acute injuries they assist healing which helps prevent chronicity.

2.Assists older injuries to heal by breaking down adhesions and therefore restoring mobility.

3.Assists older injuries to heal by breaking down adhesions and therefore restoring mobility.

4.Helps prevent muscle injuries and reduces build-ups form frequent training.

Deep tissue massage also helps relieve tension and prepares the area for further manual therapy techniques, which we find very useful, especially in the neck and shoulders.

In more painful conditions, very tender areas can develop what is known as trigger points, which can lead to muscle contraction. Deep tissue techniques can concentrate on these areas and restore normal tissue extensibility and blood supply.

Manual Therapy:

Manual therapy is the ‘hands-on’ treatment used in the management of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. We at Physio Studio have a very hands-on manual therapy approach to treatment.

Manual therapy used at Physio Studio includes:

1. Passive mobilizations and manipulation of spinal and peripheral joints.

2.Muscle energy techniques

3.Passive stretching of contractile tissues

4.Manual muscle relaxation techniques

The mobilization treatment may vary from very gentle small amplitude movements, barely perceived by you if the treatment you require is for pain, to large amplitude, through range, or strong, small amplitude, end of range techniques which are aimed at improving your movement.

Research and experience shows that early treatment of your injury with gentle movement in the direction of injury helps with the organisation and alignment of the fibres in the repair process, thereby reducing the production of unwanted adhesions and encouraging an earlier return to normal functions.

In longer term conditions, for example arthritis, we would try and use larger mobilisations to help affect fluid dynamics in the tissue – as the viability, health and repair of tissues are highly dependent on their vascular and lymphatic supply.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to resolve our patients' symptoms as quickly as possible, we strongly believe in treating underlying causes, to help prevent a recurrence of an injury or problem. For this we adopt a joined-up, holistic approach, bringing in all of our various expertise to reach effective, successful solutions.

Our Vision

To motivate members of our community to lead an active and healthy lifestyle through disease prevention and therapeutic care. Shaping the future of rehabilitative care to improve quality of life